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Who are we

“Global Script Solution", industry leaders in document layout, text recognition (file preparation for translations), and language translation services.

What is our goal

Our mission is to help clients achieve their goals by providing expert and timely material preparation. We believe in precision, quality, and long-term partnerships.

Why GlobalScript

Our agency's professionals convert drawings, images, and manuscripts into clear text in a convenient format, ready for translation and adaptation. Translation has never been so easy and fast!

Our attention to detail, meticulousness, and quality-driven approach are the cornerstones of our client relationships and our primary values.

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Our Services

We are prepared to support your company at every stage of its development by helping to break down language barriers and work with various types of documents, images, and drawings. Collaborating with us will help resolve your work tasks, strengthen business processes, and improve your market position.

Each of our services is a comprehensive set of actions that lead to excellent results and help achieve your goals. We do more than just translate text. We offer recognition, transcription, and conversion of any documents, drawings, images, manuscripts, and more, thus reducing the time you spend on your tasks. After translation, we can layout the document according to your preferences, creating a structured product that saves you time and resources.

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